Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Well, I turned the big 22 yesterday. It was a busy day. I taught at the middle school for a good portion of my day. My students were pretty excited to get to spend the day with me. Made a quick stop at Subway--which they have a new chicken sub that I am in love with--and I ended up eating it in class. Had class and a quiz, and then headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for a quick dinner with my friends. They all had a night class, so it was an early meal. They even brought me a cookie cake--my favorite.  I had to share the collection of cards I got. I even had a few handmade.

My little sister remembered my thing for owls, and made a pretty nifty card. I give her a lot of credit for using what she could find in her dorm room.

My friend Becky pulled out her sewing machine for my card. I have never seen machine stitching in person before,but it was beautiful. She even misted on her flower, which I love the golden shimmer.

And of course my sweet little 4 year old goddaughter made me a masterpiece. It was a day late, since she used so much glitter glue, it took forever to dry.

It was a great day. Super busy...which is pretty much the norm right now. We got a bit of snow on and off during the day, but we still have a month of winter left up here.


  1. Its nice to see other people making crafty cards for your birthday. Hope you had a good one.

  2. It looks like you had a fun birthday.

  3. Happy late birthday, Megan! Your cards are so special!