Saturday, August 30, 2014

Checking out Downtown

 If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm an inner foodie. Besides scrapbooking and my outdoor activities, I really enjoy cooking. I am a total live to eat personality. I love trying new foods and new restaurants. While we were in Atlanta, my mom through she saw the Hard Rock. It wasn't..but thanks to Siri we walked a few blocks and found it. And my favorite foods deserved a pictures. Plus it's Hard Rock and it's just fun.
 The picture of the guitar sign is fantastic with the blue sky against it. And another painted burlap flower. I'm in a mixed media rut and it may need a minor intervention. I really liked the American Crafts patterned paper to accent the beautiful fall colors.

 This page turned out very nice as well. The embellishments were from a Basic Grey Hello Boy pack. But the wood grains were great with the brown tones. The skyline was gorgeous here and I wished we would have explored more.
I am having such a blast reliving this vacation as I scrap the pages. It was such a memorable time for our family. Needless to say a second album needs to be ordered since I scrapped so much. What was I thinking using a smaller than normal album.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Centennial Olympic Park

 I was not real wild about visiting the fountains in Atlanta but I did it to be a good sport. It was quite hot and I didn't know what the big deal was all about. Normally before vacation I like to do some research about the area and learn what to see. This vacation was a month into our school year, and lets be real, I was busy enough getting ready for a sub. So I kinda winged this whole vacation.

You can quickly tell my my favorite techniques in this album: watermark ink, heat emboss, ink resist....and repeat. I don't need to re-tell technique since I've outlined it a million times before.

 This page is a random hodge podge of embellishments I was pulling together throughout the album. The Basic Grey chipboard became my favorites, but I also enjoyed the doilies.
 I used my iRock to jazz up my Heidi Swapp banner and added the little bling in each corner.
This was a cool park to visit. If you ever make it to Atlanta check it out when they do the actual shows to the music. I had a fun time creating this page and being free and wild.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tasting Room

 Hands down one of the fantastic parts of Coke World is the tasting room. Who wouldn't like to try any and every type of soda that Coca Cola produces. I'm pretty sure the blue Fanta was my favorite. Too bad that's not really an American option. I guess that must means I need to travel the world.

 Once again I took a plain background paper and made it my own. Way back when in February, my friend Rita challenged me to make this book my own and to try more mixed media backgrounds. My supplies are repetitive, but since it is a vacation album, I wanted some consistency.

One of my favorite techniques is to change the color of flowers with my gelatos. It's pretty easy but you have to be cautious when misting and blending the colors so you don't rip the flowers.

The little Coke bottles are made during the tours. It's cool to see the process of making Coke and all the parts. And you get to take one home at the end!  It reminded me of Disney and the Pavilion.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Soda Fountain

 This page from Coke World is a classic. You have to walk through the old fashioned soda counter. As I blog this I realize how much I need to practice taking straighter pictures. I don't feel like I have that crooked of embellishments on the page. I used the same repetitive supplies throughout this album. Granted I did a lot of this album at a hotel crop, so didn't pack the whole room.

 I have taken a liking to the Channel font o my Silhouette. I like that it is thin enough to curve around things.
One of my favorite parts is how I did the sunburst on the circle embellishment. I like the two tone effect of the grey on silver. 

I'm so excited that I got a picture in the mirror. It was fun and a cool effect with my camera. I realized what a difference the few steps over does to the lightening. I really enjoy these pocket pages, and the small part is just perfect for my journalling.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cultures of Coke World

 As a member of a bilingual and bicultural community I always enjoy the culture of new places and new experiences. One of the things I enjoyed about Coke World was their variety of memorabilia from around the world. Of course I could only read the Spanish, but it was still cool.

 This page was really fun and tough to make. I didn't like any of my supplies and I was getting sick and tired of working with red. So I started painting with my Distress Paints on some kraft paper. The big bottle on the right was my inspiration for the page. Then I decided to paint on the burlap piece as well. I incorporated some ink into the page as well. Unfortunately my dirty fingers got in the way and on the page. I ruched up some ribbon as well.

This second page I really like. My second language is Spanish so this was really cool to me. I enjoyed using the pocket protectors in this album to speed it up. With the demands of life and work and continuing education, scrapping doesn't happen too regularly. I feel like I've been working on this album forever.

I pulled out my favorite mask and mist to jazz up the red paper along with letters cut on my Silhouette.