Saturday, April 7, 2012

Card Making Night

My friend Em invited me over for some card making fun last night. I was super excited, because she has so much fun card making stuff. Of course silly me realizes that I was near multiple scrapbook stores during the day, and all my glossy paper (for alcohol inks) is back at school...I'm at my parents house for the holiday weekend. So a quick run to my favorite local scrapbook store, and I was back in business. I worked on 5 cards, one will not be debuted until Mother's Day...look's who's getting ahead! I had a blast trying all Em's fun stamps, and playing with my new favorite alcohol inks.

This is my favorite from last night! I love the background stamp, it's Em, but I have to figure out where this is from, because I am in love with it. Her parents probably thought I was nuts when I asked for their iron. This is a resisting technique I learned in my inks class.
This is my Grandma's Mother's Day card. I used two new ink colors last night .This was the first time with the pink color. I also jazzed up the butterflies with a little bling.
This was my mom's favorite card. The stamp was Em's, I totally love being able to share supplies. I have a small stash of stamps, but I don't pull them out enough.
This card was a big experiment, and a major attempt to cover up a goof up in embossing. I sent the paper through the cuttlebug in 2 parts, and I must have flipped the embossing folder over, so my card has some odd dimension to it. The flower stamp is one of my few, but it turned out really cute. This time I stamped over the embossing ink.

We had a super fun night of card making. I learned my lesson that I am totally allergic to plums. We are going to start crafting more this summer, so I have something to look forward to!


  1. I don't see any goofs, it turned out great! A fun collaged background. I love the background stamp of the first card too. So fun. Looks like you both had a good, crafty time!

  2. I love your cards!!! Thanks for turning me onto alcohol inks... I am going to try your technique!

  3. Also, I forgot to tell you...the stamp is from Michaels. I got it for a dollar. Also, my parents didn't seem to mind about the iron. I showed my mom the picture of your card and she loved it!

  4. Those are really, really pretty! :)
    And plums are definitely an unusual food to be allergic, too.
    But better than some I would think :)

  5. Love the colors you chose for your cards. I really like the 1st 2 cards. OF course, it has to do with my love for flowers & butterflies.

  6. Very pretty! That is such a neat effect with the ink!

  7. Very pretty! You are doing awesome stuff with those inks!