Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Inking with the Cuttlebug

Over break I had a chance to try out a new technique with my cuttlebug. I mainly use my cuttlebug for embossing, since I have a cricut to do all my die cutting with. I saw this video by Lisa K (http://stamptv.ning.com/video/distressed-letterpress?xg_source=shorten_twitter) and I had to try it out. It took some experimentation, but now I have a new technique.

The first thing to do is pick your embossing folder. You pat the ink onto the folder, on the side of that will be pressed down into the paper. My embossing folder is Paisley from ProvoCraft. The ink is night of navy from Stampin Up. You can see how the groves of the Paisley are raised, and that is what I inked.

Then center the paper in the folder, on the opposite side of the ink, then close.

I ran all of this through my cuttlebug. It was a normal embossing sandwich with the "A Plate" then the first B Plate, the embossing folder, and then the second B Plate on top.

When you pull it out, you can leave it as is, or run a second color of ink along the top. It is important to gently swipe from side to side, that way you are not pushing the ink down into your already inked areas. I am looking forward to using this on some of my upcoming pages. I have a lot of earth toned fall pages, and this will be perfect. I was looking for a new way to use my cuttlebug.
My second layer of ink (more mustard from stampin up)

I learned some things along the way. It is better to put your darker color down first, and go over it with a lighter color, or else you will loose the light color if that is your first color. Also, you must use a water based ink such as Distress Ink or Stampin Up's Ink. I used Stampin Up Ink, with good success. I was able to clean all my embossing folders with regular stamp cleaner and a paper towel.


  1. very cool! thanks for sharing. I only have a few embossing folders but I will be definitely trying this out!