Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ice Caves

I'm finally back to the land of scrapping. My new best friend is Mountain Dew....since I've been working a lot. This is my last week of out of state business trips, so I am looking forward to having more time back at night.

This past winter I went out to the Eben Ice Caves for a little winter fun. Eben is a little town in the middle of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The last 15 minutes of the drive is pretty much tire tracks in the snow, up and down through multiple hills.

Its a 1.5 mile hike from the side of the road where you park, to the caves. The caves are really in the middle of no where, but they are really fun to visit. I wear snow shoes, because it makes the hike so much easier. Snowshoes these days are small, and have multiple metal spikes. The spikes help you keep up right on ice.

This page was from the drive out and the hike in and out through the woods.

The paper collection is from Little Yellow Bicycle's Winter Twig paper line. I love how the colors pull from my photos. My favorite picture is the picture on the left from the drive out. You can see how bad of a drive it can be.

On Wednesday I will post the rest of the pictures from the caves!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Back to Scrapping

Summer is flying by faster than I can keep up. I just took my MTTC's on Saturday, which is the test for my teaching license. I already am certified for elementary education, I took the test for special education. Now the waiting game is on for the results.

Last night I realized that it is less than 5 months til graduation, and we report back to the schools in 6 weeks. I am slowly embracing all the school supplies every where I go. Needless to say scrapping has been put on the back burner lately as I focused on studying.

I did do this page a few weeks ago. It started out as a sketch challenge, but didn't turn out anything like the sketch. The other part of the challenge was to mist. I really like the purple, red, and silver mists against the navy paper.

That is truly how they "plow" at my university. They make sure you are good and stuck, and that the only way you will be getting out is by a lot of digging. I love seeing these winter pages when we push 100 every day.

I'm looking forward to a crop on Friday night at my scrapbook store. I need a night of fun and relaxation.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Snowman Building

My friend is a California Girl, who moved to the middle of nowhere in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for college. She gets crazy questions about why she is here, and loves a good winter storm. So when we got a snowday in late January, it was finally the perfect day for building a snowman. Three years ago I promised my friend a snowman, and it took three years for the right snow.

I love this paper, it is from the Crate Paper line-Snow Day. The snowmen and snowflakes were absolutely perfect. This page was done as a challenge at Club CK. The challenge was to change your letters. So I inked the letters with a brown edge, and then added stickes for glitter. No winter page is complete without glitter.

And a few more pictures from our night in the snow.

My snowman

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Girls

I really like this picture with my friends. I've known them from my church back at our college. We do all sorts of things together. Outdoor adventures (cliff jumping, water fall hiking, ice caves, snowshoeing-kayaking), things around the church, and other social events.

This picture was taken at a Valentines Day Dance. Which was kinda a flunk. It was like an awkward middle school event. So we made the best out of it, got pizza, and played Apples to Apples in our dresses.

The sketch is based on a layout in the Creating Keepsakes Simple Scrapbooks Edition, a layout by Laura Vegas. The paper is from My Minds Eye, and this was a great way to use up a pile of random Thickers. This paper went great with our variety of dresses. I even used alcohol inks to change the colors on the pink flowers.

I'm going to enjoy some family time today. Wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Documenting College

First off, the random winner of the blog hop is skeeteror. I will send you a message. Thanks to everyone who came out and checked out the blog hop.

I wanted to display a page today that is something I do every semester. My books go in chronolgocial order. I actually start mine with the start of the school year. When I started high school, I joined the scrapbook club. A lot of the girls started the page with their first day of school pictures and that sort of stuff. Mine has carried over into college. My opening page of my freshman year of college book was my acceptance letter.

Now each semester starts with a page like this. I put my schedule on and dedicated a big block of journalling also. At the start of the year, I also include pictures of where I am living. I normally include the Deans List, but it accidentally hit the recycling before I got to cutting it out/even knowing it was published.

Here is this semesters page-
I didn't know what to do with this paper, because the word "perfect" was on there already. It worked out great since I like to display it in some way when I have a great semester .I did edit out my professors/cooperating teachers names for confidentiality reasons.

Here is a page from when I was living in the dorms- I'm not really sure where the journalling to this page is. I'm chilling at my hotel on a business trip right now, so I don't have access to my albums.