Friday, March 23, 2012

A Very Special Birthday

Its a very special day today! Its my Grandpa's 85 Birthday!!!! So I had to show off his card. I am hoping he likes it. It was a little more abstract than I normally do.

My Grandpa is a great guy! Not just anyone lets their granddaughter eat fudgesicles on the white couch at 9am in the morning. Or plays football in the house with their six year old great grandson. Or buys you a watermelon when you visit in the summer. We love our Grandpa!
As I was searching through pictures, I realized I need to get some new ones. This is a really old picture-December of 2006 to be exact. I was a young 16 here. This is my grandparents and my little sister!


  1. A very Happy 85th Birthday to your Grandpa!
    I like the blues on your card. You did a good job with the alcohol inks.

  2. Happy Birthday to your Grandfather! I hope he has a wonderful day. I am sure your card will be a highlight of his day!

  3. Awesome card!! Those alchohol inks fit you :)