Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Seniors Dinner

During my years at college, I had a good group of friends from my church. Since we knew we were all leaving at the end of the year, we had a dinner night for the seniors. We went out for fish and pizza and then to a bowling alley. We took a group picture to commemorate the fun night.

Our friend in the red shirt is quite short. He happened to stand on the ottoman for the first pic. Then we needed a silly second pic to point it out. I miss this group, but we had great times together.

There is a little tag sticking out of the top photo. I wanted to write down everyone's names, but keep them semi-private. I like the wrapping effect of the twine.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Leap Day Blizzard

Remember what happened on Leap Day this year? I woke up to a text saying classes were cancelled for the day. Eventually when I got out of bed and opened the shades, there was no snow on the ground. It was still dry. Turns out the storm had stalled a half hour south of town, dropping 3 feet of snow in the woods. We would eventually get hammered with a good foot of heavy wet snow.

Do you see the path? The snow drift is level with the big grill.

Snow is hard to tell how deep it is-but that bank is pretty tall...and over 4 ft to the aisle=1hr+ shoveling

 This was the resulting page from the blizzard. I'm pretty good at shooting pictures on the road. I love how pretty the snow is on the highway. Its all big pines in the woods. I had to wait to go home for my trip, because of the bad roads.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

March Heat Wave

Sorry for the lack of blogging. I took off on a wonderful and much needed vacation. Granted it was cold and rainy for the most part, it was a nice break from technology. While I was gone, I found out that I passed my MTTC's which are the teacher certification boards. So I am officially a certified teacher for general elementary from grades K-5, and a special ed teacher for K-12. Student teaching this fall, and then graduation is right around the corner.

The driftwood tee-pee at the beach at Deaths Bluff

We hiked down the size of a huge bluff to the rock beach

People leave their own sculptures at the beach

I had a lovely crop night on Friday with the girls at Creations Galore. This page was from our March Heat Wave. Remember the week we were left scrambling for any warm weather clothes when we spiked from our normal 40's into the 80's. I dragged my friends for a walk at the park. You would never have known these pictures were taken at the same place on the same day.

I finally have some new pages to share in the next few weeks. I love how this page came together. I never imagined fall papers for a winter/spring page, but I love how right the base paper is. I wanted to drawn from the yellows of the sky.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Valentines Day Dinner and a storage solution

This year, some of the singles girls from my church decided to have a dinner out. We don't always get time alone, to just girl talk. So we all dressed up on Valentines Day, and went to Applebee's. In our college town, Applebee's is a pretty big deal. And of course any reason to put on a dress is a big deal.

The polka dot paper is from My Minds Eye. I found it on clearance at hobby lobby one day. I really am getting into my Tim Holtz Distress Inks. I love being able to alter the shade of a paper, to match the vibe of the page. I used to be into bright colors and straight lines. I'm turning towards a little bit more vintage and distressed looks.

I finally have the perfect solution for the foam stamp pads that attach to the distress tool. I didn't want to buy a tool per pad, and I didn't want to throw the pads away. If you use TH inks, you know that you apply them with a tool--which holds the different pads by velcro. I was at Target the other day-in the office supply isle. I found some velcro dots from Scotch. So I picked them up. And Voila!!!

I decided to use the under side of a cheapy shelf. This was the perfect spot. The pads easily pull off the dots, and the dots stay put!

Friday, August 3, 2012

A Peek in the Garden

I've posted a few other pictures over the summer of our garden. We just built our veggie bed in May. We saw the kit on a Home Depot commerical, and decided to build our own. We planted tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, beans, a cucumber, and sunflowers

Day 1
2 weeks in (6/6/12)

2 months (7/29)
 You can tall that everything has suddenly grown. We finally got rain within the last two weeks. Everything has taken out. The sunflowers have spiked up, the tomatoes have flourished, and the cucumber is everywhere. I am enjoying the beans already. I ended up digging out the basil, because it wasn't getting the sun underneath the beans and cucumbers.
A baby sunflower hidden under the tall flowers

My favorite zinnias, which I started from seeds this year. 

I can't wait to see the garden ripen and all the sunflowers open. I'm looking forward to being home this year and enjoy everything!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

At the Caves

As promised, I've got pictures from the Eben Ice Caves. I absolutely love this paper from Bo Bunny- and how the greens from the paper pull from the tint of the ice. The ice really does have a green tint when you are inside the caves.

I'm learning to embrace the divided page protectors from We R Memory Keepers. It has really helped me to scrap efficiently. I'm known to have a clump of pages from a single event. I could have easily done 8 pages for the ice caves, but I cut it down to 4 with the page protectors.

The snowflakes on the left were cut with spellbinders dies. The snowflakes on the right page were stickers, that I jazzed up with some stickles.

The ice caves are an awesome sight to visit. We seem to go when it is super cold and windy. I will miss this hike as I move back to a little bit warmer of a climate.