Monday, March 19, 2012

My not so scrappy weekend

I had the best intentions of having a scrappy weekend! I didn't have much homework and I was going to get ahead on all my lesson plans.

And then it was 80 degrees out. This is not normal for us. We should be in the 30's and have mounds of snow. So I had to take advantage of the gorgeous weather! Two weeks ago my car was buried up to the hood from a blizzard. I was sweating that day just digging out. Fast forward two weeks, and I'm jogging down the trail along the shores of Lake Superior. And there are hundreds of people at the beach....and people are actually in the water. Lake Superior is always cold, so you can really jump in as long as there isn't ice. I didn't swim, but I did walk in it for a bit.

I was in shock. I had to take advantage of this weather. And of course, I got lots of pictures! I don't stay at my apartment in the summer, and boy does it get hot in there fast. We had the windows open, and it quickly jumped to 85 inside. I never thought I needed a fan in the spring...but this is just summer weather. I had soup on the menu for this weekend...but that quickly got changed to ordering pizza, I had no intentions of adding anything else with heat inside.

I will not be a happy camper the next time it is snowing...but for now I am going to enjoy my flip flops, sun dress, and the fact that all my coats are hanging up in the closet. We will still get our April Blizzard. It happens every year-never under 10 inches. Until then, I'm going outside.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Glad you were able to get out and enjoy that nice weather! :)