Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Little Winter Fun

We ended up with a snow day on Friday. The storm started off ferocious....or so I was told. I went back to bed as soon as we got the robo call from the district saying we were cancelled for the day. The storm didn't turn out two bad. Only two trips out with the snow blower.

So I had all day Friday to work on lesson plans and report cards, which was really nice. Which left me with some nice free time to enjoy myself the last two days.

Big surprise-we ended up in Door County for a day of snow shoeing, cross country skiing, and hiking around. I wanted to share the photo's with some of my southern friends who don't get this weather. Since we all know I normally get to scrapping the pictures 6ish months later when it is the polar opposite season.

With Dad in the woods-its actually warm

The place we had lunch at had cute decorations

We climbed a fairly icy observation tower. The clouds reflection off the ice/snow was really cool

Cana Island Lighthouse-we snowshoed out here

The woods were beautiful

Cool ice shoves in the distance

I hope this is the last of my cool winter shots. This girl is ready for her sundresses and sandals. I'm done with scraping my car in the morning and wearing my coat. We all have a little color on our faces from today.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Garden

Remember these shots from back in May when we first built our raised garden bed?

Well today you get to see the final product....and my hair got really long in a few short months. We had such a blast building our garden. It was pushing well into the 90's that day. It turned into an absolute waterfight for the majority of the afternoon. Who ever was in the back yard waiting for the wheelbarrow to come back with dirt would wait to soak the other two people. And we played with the hose for at least two hours. At the end of the day my sister and I were laying in the lawn and my dad just drenched us. Good family memories.

So here's the final product/my love of sunflowers. I'm not allowed to plant sunflowers in the garden bed this year. They might have gotten a little out of control. But after the rabbits attacked all the lilies, the garden is the only safe place with a fence.

WRMK's page protectors were a great way to document all the various photos

I homemade the flower in the middle with alcohol inks and then colored the edge. The middle is an old button from my grandma d's collection. The gold color is stunning.

Are you ready now for some spring weather and planting? This page turned out awesome!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Where has the time gone?

I've been a bad blogger these past few weeks. My job has been pretty busy, but I am finally getting settled in. Just in time for report cards. I took some time today to play with my camera and get caught up on photographing layouts. I havn't been scrapping much, because I don't have many pictures to scrap. I had such a busy fall finishing student teaching, my picture taking suffered. As a result, less stuff to scrap.

I'm hoping that will change once the weather warms up. I'm sick and tired of winter. I'm done checking my iPad every morning to see if we have any delays. I'm ready for warm weather, runs and bike rides after work, and just getting back outside. It was nice to see some warm weather pictures today. I'm going to work on getting some auto-posts scheduled out for the next few weeks.

So these pics today are the last of the Door County pictures from this summer. I'm officially ready for this summer and new adventures.

Patterned Paper is from WRMK-I love how the paper looks distressed with the ink splatters

I'm attempting to fall back in love with my Cricut and talk myself out of needing a Silhouette

Me in the teepee on the beach at Door Bluff Park. Washi Tape is Recollections brand

I love this last page, and how I was able just to toss in all the random leftover shots that I still wanted in the album. The picture with my sister has the most beautiful rays of sun coming through the shot, but got a tricky glare when shooting today. I had a cool instagram filter on that shot. The patterned paper is MME. I really enjoyed their blues, greys, and yellows last year. Here is to a wonderful summer of 2013!