Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Alcohol ink Class

This morning I took a class at my Local Scrapbook Store--Creations Galore. I have attended their crops in the past, and had a great time. Back in November I sat with a gal who was doing Alcohol Inks on her Christmas Cards, and they were beautiful. When I saw this class on the calender during my spring break, I knew I wanted to attend. The class was $20, we learned four techniques, and then got a 15% discount on anything we used or talked about during the class. Our instructor was Nicole, and she did a great job. She calmed all our fears, and we had a really great time!

All the work we did was on top of the Ranger Craft Sheets. Alcohol Ink is permanent on clothes, but other wise can be cleaned up with rubbing alcohol and an old rag. It came off the craft sheets very easy in between projects. The first technique we learned was called "pouncing". We used the Tim Holtz Ink Applicators with the felt toppers. I really like how my pounced pieces turned out.

All the ink was by Adorondack-Tim Holtz Line. The colors I used on my first piece were Wild Plum, Raspberry and Pool Blue. I finished it off with a Silver Mixative. I was going for wintery colors with this first attempt. I had a hard time initially controlling the arrangement of the colors.

I really love my second piece from the pouncing technique. My color combos where Rust, Butterscotch, Terra Cotta, Sunshine Yellow, and then topped with the Copper Mixative. We are in the process of putting in new titles, and we met with a flooring rep yesterday. I realize that the diagonal pattern we were talking about putting in our kitchen was coming out in my designs today.

The second technique we did was a striping and plaid technique. We changed our application of the ink to the applictor, by lining up all the colors. I had to go over this paper a few times to get the richness of the color I was looking for. My colors were Terra Cotta, Lettuce and Sunshine.

Our next technique was the "messy technique". We sprayed our ink right onto the mats and just swirled and swished around. I really love this piece. Initially I wasn't so sure about it, until I got my silver polka dots on. I am all for glittery metallic fun on my work. I am not a big fan of distressed or messy work, but I really liked this. It was something new and different. My color combo was Wild Plum, Cranberry and Denim, along with the silver mixative.

Our last technique was resisting. We stamped a clear image on, and then putting white embossing powder over the top. We heated the image on the paper without any ink. We then inked over the embossing powder and let it dry. Overall the ink dries very quick. Like 5-10 seconds. The only thing that took time was my messy technique. My silver ink took about 5 minutes, because it was thick. After everything was dry, we remelted the embossing powder and pulled it off with an iron.

I love this first resisting piece. I was shooting for the color patterns found in BoBunny's Winter Joy line. I love the turquoise/purple/green combo, and can't wait to start scrapping my winter pages. My color combo here was Pool, Lettuce, Wild Plum, topped with silver.
My last resisting technique was a flower stamp. I am hoping to use this piece with my fall pictures from this year. I have some big ideas for this piece. Nicole encouraged us to keep track of the colors we used on each piece, and I am glad I did. I really like some of the combos I made today. The sunflower colors were Butterscotch, Rust, Terra Cotta and Peach Bellini. I didn't like the peach color, so I added more terra cotta to cover it up. Then I used a gold mixtive to give it some more shimer.
I had an absolutely amazing time at my class today. There were 6 other women participating, and we all really enjoyed it. Creations Galore had like very color available to play with. I really am happy with my creations, and I can't wait to try more. I want to change my base. Today we used glossy paper, but I am thinking of pulling in some metal next, and I want to try some dry embossing. If you are ever in the Green Bay area, you have to check out my LSS!


  1. It really does look like BoBunny's Winter Joy! What a great idea recreating that. Love all of them. Glad you had fun.

  2. What a great bunch of pretty patterns you have created. I love alcohol inks and the most difficult part of working with them is not drooling while you sit there mesmerized by the pretty colours and designs.

    Did you try the metallic mixatives? Have fun!!! :)