Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Peek in my Craft Loft

This post is well overdue. I moved back in August. I'm finally getting around to showing off my scrap loft. I actually took these pics a month ago, and then re-took a few on Sunday after I got stir crazy watching that four hour football game. I gave in and let myself decorate ONE thing to hold myself through until after Thanksgiving. My dad won't bring my tree over, its the only reason it's not up already. Supposedly I won't be getting it up the stairs myself.

 I'm loving my rail of my loft that overlooks my living room!
 My desk (also overlooks the living room) and has a great view outside.
The rest of these were taken a few weeks ago during the day. I've got nice storage and a washer/dryer upstairs. I also kept my old TV for doing workout DVD's. My complex is super quiet but also has some rules about noise.
 The view from my desk. Can't wait to watch it snow up there.
I ripped apart that old TV hutch this summer and transformed it into scrappy storage! And I got my Expedit while I was in Atlanta.

So this is my scrap space/work out space/laundry space. It's multipurpose but I love it!

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