Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Color Run

I have been such a busy girl lately. I've barley had any time to share my pictures. It has been a jam packed fall. I took some trips and had some fun. I'm going to try to share pictures on Wednesdays and projects on Saturdays here.

First activity up: Color Run

The Color Run is a 5k fun run. They came to town, so a group of 8 of us did it. Four of us ran and the other four walked. This was my first formal run, so I was very excited. I've been running since April and really wanted to do something like this.

Nice and clean before hand-I made my own tutu
Heading out
Coming back into the finish line

Our team after the run...before the color party

Color party! We did one round in the mass of people

And the second time I stood back to get a picture

My headband when we got back to the car
It was such a super fun day! I would do this run again in a heartbeat!

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