Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Door Bluff Park

If you don't like heights, be warned, this hike is not for the weak. Door Bluff park is at the north end of the Door County Peninsula.

One of the broken off boulders from the cliff. This has been down for at least 8 years.

You drive out on a single lane dusty gravel road. You park by the outhouse and follow a single footpath through the woods. You can smell the fresh pine trees and hear the waves crashing along the shore below. The drop down the side of the cliff is dramatic.

The hike down isn't bad, you have gravity on your side. You have to be willing to sit on your butt as you climb down the rocks, but I don't mind getting dirty.

Another use of my cuttlebug folder
 At the bottom of the cliff, when you come off the trail is a beach of rock sculptures and a teepee. The teepee was built at least 8 year ago from driftwood that washed up on the beach. People say that the sculptures remind them of Easter Island.
I love the black background paper and the black matting and how the pictures pop

I misted the title card with a Mister Huey mask for a distressed effect.

My inside the teepee

If you ever make it to Door County, this is a must see park!

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