Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cave Point

If you haven't figured out yet, we like to see the various state and county parks around Wisconsin. We purchase a state park pass every year, and it is worth every penny. Today's page is from a county park in Door County, called Cave Point.

Cave Point is a park on Lake Michigan, again it has some cool cliffs and broken off boulders. If you hike to the north, you can get down to the water and walk along the edge. If you hike south on the trails you hike along the cliff and stay higher up.

The north edge of the park is shallow at the water level

The south trail is much steeper and takes a little risk to hike down
 This was our second trip to Cave Point this year. We went once on Memorial Day weekend becasue it was really windy and the waves were wild. This time our cousin's came to visit, and this was their first visit to the park. Their little guy "A" was very into getting wet. The waves were well over my head, and we got soaked.

I decided to use more WRMK Divided Page Protectors for this trip-notice my favorite washi tape

 I love this paper from My Minds Eye. Since it was a grey vacation overall, the greys and blues tie all the pages nicely together, and the pop of yellow describes our sunny day. The little banners were really easy to make with a square punch, going in diagonally instead of straight in.
I am a total lover of the WRMK divided page protectors. I always have so many pictures, and this is a nice clean way to display them and have a good amount of journalling to tell about our awesome day!


  1. Oh I would love that park! The pictures you took captured it beautifully. Also, that layout is perfect...directing one's focus to the great photos you got. Great job!

  2. I L-O-V-E Cave Point!! These pictures are awesome and I love how your layout highlights them so well without taking from the gorgeous scenery. We must be neighbors, I live in Green Bay, too!! So fun! I love finding local scrapping bloggers! Thanks SO much for linking up at the Market Street Stamps FB page! xo Angelica

  3. I like those page protectors too. I can accomplish so much more, quicker with them. Thanks for sharing!