Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tasting Room

 Hands down one of the fantastic parts of Coke World is the tasting room. Who wouldn't like to try any and every type of soda that Coca Cola produces. I'm pretty sure the blue Fanta was my favorite. Too bad that's not really an American option. I guess that must means I need to travel the world.

 Once again I took a plain background paper and made it my own. Way back when in February, my friend Rita challenged me to make this book my own and to try more mixed media backgrounds. My supplies are repetitive, but since it is a vacation album, I wanted some consistency.

One of my favorite techniques is to change the color of flowers with my gelatos. It's pretty easy but you have to be cautious when misting and blending the colors so you don't rip the flowers.

The little Coke bottles are made during the tours. It's cool to see the process of making Coke and all the parts. And you get to take one home at the end!  It reminded me of Disney and the Pavilion.


  1. My husband loved tasting all those Cokes!!

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