Saturday, August 9, 2014

Soda Fountain

 This page from Coke World is a classic. You have to walk through the old fashioned soda counter. As I blog this I realize how much I need to practice taking straighter pictures. I don't feel like I have that crooked of embellishments on the page. I used the same repetitive supplies throughout this album. Granted I did a lot of this album at a hotel crop, so didn't pack the whole room.

 I have taken a liking to the Channel font o my Silhouette. I like that it is thin enough to curve around things.
One of my favorite parts is how I did the sunburst on the circle embellishment. I like the two tone effect of the grey on silver. 

I'm so excited that I got a picture in the mirror. It was fun and a cool effect with my camera. I realized what a difference the few steps over does to the lightening. I really enjoy these pocket pages, and the small part is just perfect for my journalling.

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