Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cultures of Coke World

 As a member of a bilingual and bicultural community I always enjoy the culture of new places and new experiences. One of the things I enjoyed about Coke World was their variety of memorabilia from around the world. Of course I could only read the Spanish, but it was still cool.

 This page was really fun and tough to make. I didn't like any of my supplies and I was getting sick and tired of working with red. So I started painting with my Distress Paints on some kraft paper. The big bottle on the right was my inspiration for the page. Then I decided to paint on the burlap piece as well. I incorporated some ink into the page as well. Unfortunately my dirty fingers got in the way and on the page. I ruched up some ribbon as well.

This second page I really like. My second language is Spanish so this was really cool to me. I enjoyed using the pocket protectors in this album to speed it up. With the demands of life and work and continuing education, scrapping doesn't happen too regularly. I feel like I've been working on this album forever.

I pulled out my favorite mask and mist to jazz up the red paper along with letters cut on my Silhouette.

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