Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Beautiful Spring Wedding

This past May my cousin Jon got married. Of course this shutterbug snapped lots of pictures! Weddings are always hard for me to scrap. I print way more than I need, and I like keeping all the pictures together. I am going to debut this series of pictures over three different posts, just to keep it from being too cluttered.

 I never know what paper to use for wedding photos. Very rarely do you find any patterned paper that goes well with wedding photos. So I stuck to plain pearly cardstock and made it my own.
 These gorgeous flowers are from Prima. I found them at Joanns when I went in for some classroom stuff. I need to stay away from the scrappy stuff when I'm in there.
This side strip started off as a plain white piece of paper. First I ran it through my Cuttlebug. Then I colored lightly with my gelatos in a sideways line. Lastly I used a baby wipe to smear it all out. I'm amazed how far a little bit of gelato will go.

On Wednesday I am going to show the pocket pages that I used for this album and then I will wrap it up next Saturday with the pages from the photobooth.


  1. I was there when you were using the gelatos...the piece of paper was interesting, but here now made into the completed page, the gelato colored embossed flowers are fabulous. Going that little extra truly gave you a one of kind page others would be hard pressed to duplicate. The beaded Prima flowers are unique...but their selection and color matching with the background...that is pure Megan talent. I know this is meant to be in your scrapbook, but maybe you should do another for the bride. Oh I just noticed, you might want that new Silhouette to cut a little title for the pink strip at the top...something a simple: Together, or Forever, or I DO.

  2. Wow! This is incredible! I can't wait to show Jon. So sweet and thoughtful!

  3. Pretty layout! love the colors! I just love gelatos & I have those same beautiful Prima flowers!