Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Speed Scrapping

Sometimes I will add some of the divided page protectors in when I scrap. It took me a really long time to embrace, but I'm good with it now. I have a hard time when an event is dragging on, or I have a lot of pictures to work with, and I want to keep them all together.

I've come to realize that this is a great place to journal or put other details besides the pictures. It makes scrapping more enjoyable for me, especially on things like our annual summer vacation and Christmas pictures.

I had a hard time with the little left pocket. Finally someone gave me the idea to repeat the ribbon I had used elsewhere in the book in that area. I scrunch it up myself with glue dots, and then use the bling to conceal the dots since the ribbon is so shear.
 We had so many beautiful pictures from this day, I didn't want to leave any out. I also chose to cover up the last names because of confidentiality. Otherwise they are written in a beautiful script font. My two favorites right now are Grand Hotel and Pacifico. Stay turned for Saturday for the last page from the photo booth!

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