Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Learning Experience

Over Labor Day Weekend my friend Ashley came to Green Bay for a visit. So we decided to take her down to Cedarburg for a day trip. Cedarburg is a cute little town north of Milwaukee. It is all local shops and restaurants. They also have a local winery. I've always wanted to take the tour and learn about the process of making wine and how it works with our Wisconsin Winters. This was the perfect excuse to take the tour.

We got to go down into the cellars and first see the big old barrels. One tour participant even climbed into a barrel. Then we learned about the new techniques of making wine today. We learned the history of the winery and its owners. Very cute love story of the owner and wine maker.

The paper from this layout is October Afternoon. It had the perfect wood tones along with the blues and greens from the outside shot. The accents were cut on my Cricut and then dyed with alcohol inks to match perfectly.

I would highly recommend this tour if you've never learned about the wine making process. It was packed with history and science...perfect for this teacher.

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  1. Very nice! Love your color choice, layering, and the perfect die cut accent....the alcohol inking is so pretty! I also like the closeup photo of the wine keg, clever!