Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Little Winter Fun

We ended up with a snow day on Friday. The storm started off ferocious....or so I was told. I went back to bed as soon as we got the robo call from the district saying we were cancelled for the day. The storm didn't turn out two bad. Only two trips out with the snow blower.

So I had all day Friday to work on lesson plans and report cards, which was really nice. Which left me with some nice free time to enjoy myself the last two days.

Big surprise-we ended up in Door County for a day of snow shoeing, cross country skiing, and hiking around. I wanted to share the photo's with some of my southern friends who don't get this weather. Since we all know I normally get to scrapping the pictures 6ish months later when it is the polar opposite season.

With Dad in the woods-its actually warm

The place we had lunch at had cute decorations

We climbed a fairly icy observation tower. The clouds reflection off the ice/snow was really cool

Cana Island Lighthouse-we snowshoed out here

The woods were beautiful

Cool ice shoves in the distance

I hope this is the last of my cool winter shots. This girl is ready for her sundresses and sandals. I'm done with scraping my car in the morning and wearing my coat. We all have a little color on our faces from today.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous snow photos....very nice!