Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm Still Here

I promise I'm still here. I've only got three more weeks left of college. It's kinda scary to think about it. I have two more weeks of classes, and then finals week. And papers...and case studies...and portfolios. I'm trying to figure out where the last 4 years of my life when.

And packing up my apartment to move 3.5hrs back home to my parents house. I have way too much food right now. Trying to figure how to eat it all, so I don't have to take it back.

Last week I co-taught 7th grade with four other students from the University. We had a classroom of 28 students, and it was a lot of fun. Middle Schoolers are full of energy. We were lucky to have a good class. The kids were very respectful and welcoming. We taught social studies-international trade; science-cell differentiation (aka mitosis and meiosis); and math-i taught special ed math for the week.
For my science lesson we learned about the phases of Meiosis, and then simulated it through art with pipe cleaners. My social studies lesson was pretty cool-we analyses the economies of a variety of countries in the eastern hemisphere. We looked at the imports and exports of countries, and who trades with who. Later in the week, my co-teacher had the students analyzing the flow of goods and the gross domestic products.

Needless to day, I have been super busy. To top it off, this past Saturday I had the first part of my teaching license certification testing. Of course it happened to be the only nice day of the entire weekend...and we were stuck in a stuff classroom.

I did get out to celebrate a friend's birthday after our testing .All four of us are in the education program, and getting ready to all go separate ways. It's going to be a sappy next few weeks. I'm totally ready for student teaching, but seeing my friends all go to different parts of the county is going to be tough.

Coming up this week-I made some more cards over Easter Weekend...and finally got them photographed. Friday night is my final Women's Crafting Night at my church (bring on the tissues). So I will finally get some scrappy time in!


  1. Yay for almost being done! Good luck with the move! And have fun scrapping! :)

  2. Exciting to be almost done! Yay!

  3. you are in the final many amazing adventures ahead!

  4. You really have been busy! I have a 7th grade son and can only imagine what your teaching experience must've been like! How exciting for you though be so close to the next step in your life! Bittersweet...but mostly SWEET!!!