Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Weekend on the Lake

Over the summer we took a weekend trip to see my mom's sister and her husband up at their house. They live on a lake in Northern Wisconsin. We had a great time with all of our cousins. This is the first of two layouts for our weekend. We really enjoyed jet skiing, swimming, boating, and of course, eating. My aunt is an awesome cook, and fed us well all weekend. We managed to cause a lot of damage on our trip. We broke the water pumps on both the boat and the jet ski. Talk about bad luck.

We really enjoyed swimming in the lake with the kids. They never swam past the end of the dock. This time we swam out "deep", which is classified as over my sisters head, but she is like 6 inches taller than me.  Even the dog enjoyed swimming with us. We tried to play with Shamu the whale, but he tips really easy with small kids on him.

This layout is inspired on the sketch support sketch:


  1. What a fun LO! Love the fonts you used for the title.

  2. Great layout! Too bad about the water pumps, that can't be good! Maybe next year you will have better luck. I miss swimming in lakes. I used to swim in them all the time as a kid, but for some reason now I cannot bring myself to get into a lake. Weird, huh? Anyway, I remember having those water toys too... my brother had a big sea turtle and I had an aligator. Such fun times. Your layout really reminds me of those days!

  3. Cute LO! I like the little flowers & sun.

  4. How fun! Love your layout! I have been eying this sketch and want use it, too!