Monday, January 16, 2012

Back to School

I am officially back to school. The picture above is the snow drifts behind my building. I took that Saturday afternoon, and we still haven't seen a plow. My car is kinda crooked in its parking spot. We got a lot of snow last week.

I had my first class this morning, and I am pretty excited. My social studies professor seems really cool. He expects so much of us, especially from our lesson plans, but I think I will grow a lot from his class. He is a big believer in active teaching styles, and this is something I want to learn about.

On Friday night, I met my friend Em over at a scrapbook store in Green Bay, called Creations Galore. They have crop night. You can come at anytime, and scrap until 9pm. We had a very fun time. My favorite moment was when she couldn't find a big circle to trace. So she took a clock off the wall. Check out her blog for the fun pictures.

I did this page from a trip to the amusement park over the summer. Every year I take my two cousins for a fun day. They love the carousel, ferris wheel, big slide, and the bumper cars. Hopefully next year the oldest will be tall enough for the roller coaster. Nothing like summer pictures on a cold winter day!


  1. Love your snow photo. We just don't get snow like that where I am!

  2. My girls would love to have snow like that! We have barely got any here. Your layout is so cute and fun! Love the bright colors!

  3. The glitter totally makes the page! I love it!!!!