Monday, December 26, 2011

College Decorating

I'm a college student. So my budget is pretty small for decorating my first apartment. I made a few projects that I wanted to share.

I saw a mixed media project at a boutique in Cedarburg, WI, over the summer. I accidentally deleted the picture out of my phone. I created this little project, which hangs on the wall of my kitchen. I cut everything from my cricut, using the Create a Critter Cartridge. I glued it down, did all the stitching by hand, with help from my sew easy, and then modge podged it all. I think it is a cute addition to my apartment.

My second project was a little bit more of an undertaking. I needed a better system for my growing jewelry collection. I picked out a cute fabric at Joanns, and adhered it to cork board to form my necklace and bracelet boards. Once the fabric dried I hot glued on buttons as hooks along with the ribbon underneath for added looks. It was a pretty easy project. Next time I would spread out the tacky glue with a paint brush so it dried nicer. I also had to paint the buttons with metallic paint instead of the initial spray paint which didn't work.

On my dresser is the earring rack I made. It was super easy. I covered a picture frame in the same fabric, and then tacked on some wire. I love being ale to display all my jewelry. I wear it so much more now!


  1. Will you put a close up of those jewelry holders? I would love to make a set for my future dorm room! :) Thanks for the great inspiration.

  2. They look fabulous! Great work! :)

  3. Fantastic projects! They will certainly add some color and personality to your space!