Sunday, July 28, 2013

Quick Hello

Popping in to say a quick hello. Life is absolutely crazy. Just got home from a trip to Door County. 5 days on the lake. Three of them were downright cold; Two of the cold days it rained like crazy. We did get two nice sunny and warm days.

One day we had a storm roll through, and knock out the power. No power=no well pump=no running water. That was an adventure. In 21 summers up there, we've never lost power. Not sure what the cause was. Of course it was the day we had company. So we taught the kids how to play Spoons....and a bunch of other board games. Once we saw the electric company truck we decided they must have gotten in (its one way in and out-no alternate route) so we went out for dinner.

Thought I would pop in and share some of my favorite pictures. Not too many with people. Kinda weird not having my sister along.

Two nights of cooking on the outdoor cook stove

First time I've ever been able to get a night shot of the light house. Next year the tripod's coming.

Pouring rain one morning. Kinda a neat shot through the trees with the rain

Big lake freighter on Lake my big zoom lens

Round three of storms rolling in. Went out to take pictures....or continuously step in puddles and get wet shoes.

And looking the other way pink clouds....major storm clouds behind them though

 Do you remember the bluff beach from last year?  Turns out the ice shoves take down the rock scupltures each year. Ice shoves are incredibly powerful if you do not know that. They can move entire houses with the right wind.

This is last years round of sculptures- Rock Sculptures 2012
 So there are new rock sculptures each year. An architect is actually trying to build protection from the ice shoves. She has made some amazing new sculptures this year.
 The only thing that makes it every year is the teepee. This thing has been up since May of 2005....or at least that was the first time we visited.

Such a cool place. Happy to be home to my bed and warmer weather. I really should get moving on packing. I don't think it's going to happen tonight.

Moving day to my new place is tomorrow. Which is earlier than scheduled. I was able to take care of all the important stuff from my phone on vacay. Internet was not on the "must do" list. So I'll be offline for a bit.

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  1. How gorgeous! What a get-away. You must be loving your semi-new camera to capture all of this!