Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July

One of my favorite things my village does is puts out flags along one of the main streets each year. They already have beautiful flowers but this is just the perfect touch. So I decided to take a little drive this morning and see them. Granted I can sit at this stop light for a decent 10 minutes on an average morning to get onto the highway. Nope -Green lights all the way through today. So I got a couple of snaps with the iPhone. I will try again later when some else is driving with my dSLR.

But I still wanted to share my pics with you-

 The other night was dark skies to the east of us for quite a long time. As we were leaving for a bike ride, we noticed a full rainbow. Too bad I don't have the lens that shoots real wide. At one point during our ride we had a double rainbow.

And my pink lilies from Grandma have finally bloomed!

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