Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Garden

Remember these shots from back in May when we first built our raised garden bed?

Well today you get to see the final product....and my hair got really long in a few short months. We had such a blast building our garden. It was pushing well into the 90's that day. It turned into an absolute waterfight for the majority of the afternoon. Who ever was in the back yard waiting for the wheelbarrow to come back with dirt would wait to soak the other two people. And we played with the hose for at least two hours. At the end of the day my sister and I were laying in the lawn and my dad just drenched us. Good family memories.

So here's the final product/my love of sunflowers. I'm not allowed to plant sunflowers in the garden bed this year. They might have gotten a little out of control. But after the rabbits attacked all the lilies, the garden is the only safe place with a fence.

WRMK's page protectors were a great way to document all the various photos

I homemade the flower in the middle with alcohol inks and then colored the edge. The middle is an old button from my grandma d's collection. The gold color is stunning.

Are you ready now for some spring weather and planting? This page turned out awesome!

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  1. This is beautiful! Love the colors---they coordinate so perfectly with your photos, as do the embellishments!