Friday, September 28, 2012

My Special Ed Classmates

This latest page is very near and dear to my heart. This page is my 13 special ed classmates. I've been with some of them from our first class freshman year, and met the rest two and a half years ago when we started our special ed classes. We have become a very close knit group. Of course I needed to get a page scrapped about our group.

Within our program there are 14 special ed majors. 6 of us studying for our cognitive impairments degree and 8 studying for their emotional impairments degree. We had many of our classes all together, and some more specific classes related to our majors.

During our last month of class, our adviser took us outside for her annual picture day. We had to take the normal nice picture and the silly picture of course. For our silly picture we decided to roll down the hill behind our academic building we have called home for the last 4 years.

On our rolling adventures we managed to kick some one in the head and get some pretty nasty rashes....and really dirty clothes. We managed to clean out a tide-to-go when we went back inside.

And here is the page-

I wanted to do some detailed journalling, and write down everyone's name. Also our rolling down the hill picture didn't really fit in nicely with the rest of the page. If you haven't figured out yet, stitched pockets are my favorite. So my first tag was jounralling, the second was everyone's names, and the third was the picture. They are all nicely tucked in the pocket.

I'm pretty homesick for my old town/friends/old life. I miss Marquette so much .The leaves are turning here, but its just not the same. One a good note I had my first student teaching eval and it went stellar. My kids were awesome.


  1. What a great layout! Love your little tags with your journaling. The pictures are awesome and something you will always treasure. Next time think twice about that rolling down the hill thing, ok? Great choice of patterned paper! I have some of that doily paper - guess I better be putting it to good use like you have! Blessings!

  2. Looks like fun! Is that patterned paper from simple stories!? I love it! I think I have a few pieces of that collection, but not that piece. I might have to purchase it! It looks so good on your layout!