Saturday, September 22, 2012

Basement Makeover

As many of you know, I'm a basement scrapper. I should be thankful that I have a scrap spot, but the basement was kinda gloomy for me. I had some blast from the past carpet, that was pretty atrocious. So when we re-carpeted the family room last month, I got the old carpet to come downstairs. Since we live close to a river, and are just out of flood plain, we just throw down the carpet on the floor. We don't bother with the pad and everything else. This was good enough for me. I was happy for any facelift.

Along with this room being my scrapbook area, it is also the storage area for ALL my college stuff. Aka kitchen stuff, living room stuff, and more. So I was trying to be really creative to cover up all the ugly boxes. I wanted this room to have some personality and homey-ness. 

My scrapbook station. I built this myself from scrap wood about 8 years ago.

Paper storage and my cuttlebug station

My favorite part (besides the obvious carpet) is the fabric cover on the entertainment center. I cannot sew....or thread the sewing save my life. So I got some fabric, ribbon, and liquid stitch glue from Hobby Lobby. And from there I cut out the dimensions of the covers, and put ribbon along the edges to hide my sloppy cutting.

I am super happy with my renovations. This room is so much nicer and has charm. Its no longer a pile of boxes. I'm still sick....I got the cold 9 days ago from my little darlings. I've got 2 scrapbook pages to share in the next few days. I've got lots going on, but I'm loving life!


  1. An awesome redo on your scrap/storage space! Love all of the storage space that you have and how creative you were with hiding everything using the pretty material! WTG!

  2. Really nice, Megan. Hope Adele doesn't try to take your pinky looking chair! LOL

  3. Sure does look comfy and so nicely organized!! Happy Scrapping!