Monday, July 2, 2012

Documenting College

First off, the random winner of the blog hop is skeeteror. I will send you a message. Thanks to everyone who came out and checked out the blog hop.

I wanted to display a page today that is something I do every semester. My books go in chronolgocial order. I actually start mine with the start of the school year. When I started high school, I joined the scrapbook club. A lot of the girls started the page with their first day of school pictures and that sort of stuff. Mine has carried over into college. My opening page of my freshman year of college book was my acceptance letter.

Now each semester starts with a page like this. I put my schedule on and dedicated a big block of journalling also. At the start of the year, I also include pictures of where I am living. I normally include the Deans List, but it accidentally hit the recycling before I got to cutting it out/even knowing it was published.

Here is this semesters page-
I didn't know what to do with this paper, because the word "perfect" was on there already. It worked out great since I like to display it in some way when I have a great semester .I did edit out my professors/cooperating teachers names for confidentiality reasons.

Here is a page from when I was living in the dorms- I'm not really sure where the journalling to this page is. I'm chilling at my hotel on a business trip right now, so I don't have access to my albums.


  1. Thanks so much! I might have to scrap-lift your RWB page! I really like it! I think it was my favorite on the Hop! ~Bev~

  2. Congratulations Megan on your awesome marks and making the Dean's list. You have worked so hard and accomplished so much.
    Great LOs to capture all those memories of your busy years. I love the bright bold colors and the embossing on the dorm one. :)